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Otolaryngology: Modern Innovation and Scientific Aspects!
- Otolaryngology 2021

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10th International Conference on Otolaryngology” all the challenger globally to appear our highly dedicated events scheduled to be held on February 01-02, 2021 at Paris, France. Otorhinolaryngology conference highlights the new innovative technology in the ENT Illnesses, Facial and Neck Surgery, Implant surgery and all ENT related subjects.

Otolaryngology goal is to gather the top Societies and Associations, Industries, Researchers, Doctors, Industrialists and Young Scientists from Otorhinolaryngology Universities around the world to fill the floor with Keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentation, Workshops, Video Presentation, Delegates and Exhibitions. This conference gathers everyone to create the great platform for International symposium, B2B meeting and workshops.

Why to attend this conference:

Otolaryngology can be an excessive threat to our most significant senses like smell, hearing and taste. This conference gathers the world’s best Physicians, Doctors, Surgeons, Researchers and Business Professionals to share their knowledge to explain the greatest complications. Otolaryngology Conference consists of attractive sessions in the field of Ear Nose Throat, Head and Neck Surgery. It will be more useful for Otolaryngologist and research scholars to gain their professional knowledge.

Target Audience:

Academic Researchers, Associate Professors, Clinical Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Otolaryngology companies, Physician, Surgeons, Professors, R&D Companies, Research Scholars, ENT Specialists and Health Specialists.

About Conference

Allied Academies Conference takes great pleasure in inviting all the participants from across the world to appear “10th International Conference on Otolaryngology” during February 01-02, 2021 at Paris, France. Otolaryngology Conference 2021 has been planned to gather all the Scientists, Doctors, Researchers, and Business Professionals under one roof to discuss the newest topics in Otorhinolaryngology.

This Otolaryngology 2021 Conference with the theme Otolaryngology: Modern Innovation and Scientific Aspects’ will report the major challenges that are handled in the field of ENT. Otolaryngology 2021 conference strategies are the best platform for the Scientists, Young Researchers, ENT Doctors, Professors and Business Professionals to admit their knowledge.

We have organized the best platform to get knowledge, share your expertise, receive recognition, networking and the certificates signed by the most well-known organizing committee member.

Join at France for Otolaryngology: Modern Innovation and Scientific Aspects!

Scope of The Otolaryngology

Allied Academies Conference aims to discover the maintenance in the field of Otolaryngology, healthcare, education, research area as well to penetrate deeper into various topics of Ear, Nose and Throat. Based on the reports, the job demand for otolaryngologist would experience a sharp increase by 2022 all over the world. ENT Surgery performed in an anatomical area outside the Otolaryngology not primarily relating to the treatment of conditions involving ENT is normally considered to be outside the scope of Otolaryngology Treatment.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1: General ENT

ENT treats illnesses and disorders related to the ear, nose, throat, head neck, hearing problems and balance aid, sinus, larynx, oral cavity, sleep apnea and allergy diseases. Otolaryngologists treat disorders like infections affecting the ENT and skin of the head and neck. Also, for loss of hearing, dizziness, changes in taste or smell, swallowing and voice problems, sinus disease with medicinal therapy.

Track 2: Pediatric Otolaryngology

A Pediatric Otolaryngologist has the knowledge and skills to treat your child. Many otolaryngologists support surgical care for children. Pediatric Otolaryngology is a surgical specialty with conditions of the Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) and head and neck. Otolaryngology professionals are commonly known as Otorhinolaryngologist. Patients look for treatment of the ear nose throat and for the surgical administration of disorders and generous tumors of the head and neck. Specialists trained in surgical focus on the treatment of diseases and disorders of the Ear Nose Throat (ENT).

Track 3: Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is caused due to individual obstructions of the upper airway. It causes breathing problems and decrease in blood oxygen saturation. In the most common form is to support loud snuffling. There may be an snorting sound as breathing. As it disturbs sleep, those disturbed are often sleepy during the day. In children it may affect in school leads to hyperactivity.

There are three forms of sleep Apnea, Central Sleep Apnea (CSA), Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and a combination of the two. Risk factors for OSA consist of being overweight, allergies and enlarged tonsils. In OSA, breathing is disturbed by a blockage of airflow, while in CSA breathing stops due to a lack of effort to breathe. Sleep Apnea is often seen with an overnight sleep.

Track 4: Anesthesia in Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery

Anesthesia is a three state of analgesia (relief from pain), paralysis (muscle relaxation), amnesia (loss of memory). Severe pain may occur because of injury, surgery, infection and interruption of blood. The pain treatment can also reduce insensitive physiological effects of untreated pain. 33% of peoples suffering (Ear, Nose and Throat) ENT surgery. It shows the sleep-inducing management of a Pediatric ENT methods and anesthesia including Adenotonsillectomy, Oesophagoscope and centre ear surgery.

Track 5: Rhinology and Sinus Surgery

Rhinology and sinus surgery are a subspecialty of Otorhinolaryngology that operates nasal and sinus disorders such as allergies, nasal obstruction and sinusitis. The treatments of Rhinology are tumors of the sinuses, anterior skull base, nasal polyps, rhinoplasty and septoplasty. This session extends to gain awareness in the surgical devices and techniques to treat nose and sinus disorders.

Track 6: Laryngology and Neurolaryngology

Laryngology is a part of Otolaryngology that deals with injuries of the larynx, frequently called the voice box. This session deals with the latest advancements, diagnostic approaches, factors causing the larynx disorders and therapeutically approaches in the treatment of larynx disorders.

Track 7: Rhinitis and Sinusitis - Types and Treatments

Rhinitis and sinusitis are the most frequent medical disorder. Both rhinitis and sinusitis can drastically reduce the lifetime and need significant immediate medical expenditures. Both conditions also create even greater indirect causes to society by affecting lost work and reduced workplace productivity. The session "Sinusitis" is to examine topics such as differential analysis and considerations, pathophysiology, physical finding treatments and therapies.

Track 8: Head and Neck Surgery

Head and Neck Surgery is a new method that allows the surgeons to remove cancers of head and neck with the use of endoscopes and cameras without exterior slits and normally with little or no change in speech, appearance and swallowing operate. The aim of the head and neck surgery are to develop advanced treatments, translational examination and to reduce the threats and recovery time.

Track 9: Audiology and Speech Pathology

Audiologists and speech pathologists treat people with communication disorders. Audiology and Speech Pathology deals with the detection, measurement and research of hearing impairments. The treatment of hearing disorders, treatment of speech language, voice and fluency disorders.

Track 10: Epidemiology and Prevention of ENT Infections

Inflammatory ailments of the middle ear contain a broad range of pathological disorder, with Acute Otitis Media (AOM - suppurative or nonsuppurative), bullous myringitis, granular myringitis, Eosinophilic Otitis Media (EOM) and Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media (CSOM), with or without cholesteatoma. Ear, nose and throat problems can be affected by several different factors. ENT are interconnected so the illness in one area can often affect the other.

Track 11: Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial plastic surgery is a broad field of otolaryngology surgery that contains reconstructive and cosmetic methods, and other assistant materials to develop outcomes. The scope of facial plastic surgery involves rhinoplasty, browlifts, blepharoplasty, facelifts, microvascular reconstruction of the head and neck, craniomaxillofacial trauma reconstruction and correction of defects in the face after skin cancer resection. Cosmetic surgery can be achieved on all areas of the head, neck and body.

Track 12: ENT Rehabilitation

ENT Rehabilitation is a treatment to enhance the function of body which has been weakened. In ENT rehabilitation awareness on Speech language treatment to assist in speaking and VRT (Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy) effort to improve balance and to reduce the practice of dizziness.

Track 13: Pathophysiology and Disorders of ENT

Pathophysiological effects of Ear, Nose and Throat causes disorders like Chronic nasal, Nasal polyps, epistaxis and myasis, nasal septum and reflexes, Post-Nasal dribble, Rhinorrhoea, Septal hematoma, Kartagener's syndrome cleft sense of taste. Sino nasal problem like Asthma, cohesive airway sickness, tumors can be dealt with just through endoscopic sinus surgery method, endoscopic frontal sinusotomy, sinus stenting and so on. Sino nasal life techniques, physiology and thyroid problem is most usual nowadays.

Track 14: ENT Infectious Diseases

ENT Infectious deals with parasitic laryngitis, Tonsils in grown-ups and adolescents, gonococci, bacteriological and immunological studies related to ear, nose and throat  (Otolaryngology).

ENT Infectious Diseases are normally harmless or even effective. But under several conditions, a few organisms may affect infection. Several infectious diseases can be spread from person to another person.

Track 15: Diagnostic Approaches in Otorhinolaryngology

The goal of this technical session in Otolaryngology is to review the most recent innovations in the analysis of the disorders and diseases related with the head, neck, mouth, ear, nose and throat (ENT).

Track 16: New Treatment Approaches for ENT Disorders

New Treatment approaches of Otolaryngology traverses of ENT topics, including the recent advancements in Ear, nose and throat, facial plastic surgery, head and neck surgery and general care pediatric otolaryngology

Market Analysis

ENT devices are equipment’s operated for diagnosis and therapy of any syndrome related to ears, nose and throat. They are also mentioned to as synthetic and prosthetic devices used to restore any dysfunction of ENT and to conquer any challenges with hearing, smelling, snoring and speaking. There is a wide-ranging of devices offered in the market with ENT endoscopes, surgical instruments, hearing aids, hearing screening devices and implants, balloon sinus dilation equipment, CO2 laser therapy, image-guided surgery, vent tubes and voice prosthesis devices.

As confirmed by World Health Organisation (WHO), 15% of the adult population and 33% of aged population suffer from hearing loss. Increasing population under geriatric portion will increase the ENT devices size. According to the WHO facts, geriatric people is determined to grow up to over 16% by 2050. Later aging is evaluated as a critical factor causing deafness and hearing loss syndromes.

The worldwide ENT devices market is certain to reach €125766 Million by 2021. Development is mainly supported by chronic sinusitis, geriatric, slightly invasive ENT methods, high prominent players in the ENT devices market and advancement.

In calculation the surgical devices and methods that are invasive and precise than the usual methods. Diagnostic ENT devices take control of the largest ENT devices market share, with trades higher than €466556 billion by 2023. To rising prevalence of hearing loss and throat disorders, together with increasing aging people using diagnostic devices.

Why in Paris?

Paris is a busy city with a population of Paris is around 2.244 million. The capital city of France is home to many authority buildings, but it is known for its quaint cobblestone covered streets and rich ancient attractions. The most famous tourist attraction place in Paris is the Eiffel Tower. Paris is home to ancient memorials such as Bastille, Louvre, Notre Dame and many more. The river Seine divide up the city into Rive Gauche on the south banks of the river and Rive Droite on the north banks of the river.

Paris placed strongly in the index due to its high-level focus of globally ranking universities. The workshops cover all scientific specialties that mobilize over 15,000 ENT researchers and Ph.D. scholars.

The presence of hospitals, laboratories, universities and other professional essential services all together make the France preferred goal for scientific conferences.

Otorhinolaryngology based Universities in Europe

·         LUT University

·         University of Göttingen

·         Heidelberg University Hospital

·         Plovdiv Medical University

·         The University of Nottingham

·         Haaga-Helia University

·         Karolinska University Hospital

·         University of Limoges

Hospitals Associated with Otolaryngology

·         American Hospital of Paris

·         Paris Hospital Foundation

·         Hanoi's Leading International Hospital

·         ENT Clinic Cedres

Worldwide ENT Hospitals

·         University of Michigan Hospitals-Michigan Medicine

·         Stanford Health Care-Stanford Hospital

·         University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Organizing Committee
OCM Member
Yazeed Ali Alshawi
Prince Sultan Military Medical Centre
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
OCM Member
Roberto Arias
International Working Group on Endoscopic Ear Surgery
Santiago, Chile
Renowned Speakers


Holiday Inn Paris - Porte de Clichy

2 Rue du 8 Mai 1945, 92110 Clichy, France

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